Facts and answers for your consumer questions.

This will be based on your personal circumstances. You may wish to speak to a mortgage advisor to discover how much you can afford each month for your mortagage and insurance costs.

Jersey Citizens Advice Bureau can offer independant and impartial advice if you wish to raise a complaint against a tradesman. If the case progresses, you may be required to file a claim in the Petty Debts Court.

It is important to reduce your water and electricity usage both to help the environment and to reduce your bill costs.

Since 2015, the mydeposits scheme has helped protect tenants’ deposits. Landlords are required to send deposits to mydeposits for protection, until such time as the tenancy ends.

Anyone who owns assets in Jersey should consider making a will to deal with their assets upon their death. If they do not, their assets will be frozen, and remain frozen, until the person entitled to administer the estate is identified and probate is obtained.

It is a factual document prepared at the beginning of a tenancy to reflect the condition of the rental property at the time the tenancy agreement is signed. 

It covers losses and damages to an individual’s residence, along with furniture and other assets in the home. Damage could be caused by either weather or catastrophic events. 

On average, an adult consultation will cost around £40, though this varies between surgeries and may increase depending on procedures required.  During the Covid-19 pandemic prices have been reduced see gov.je website.

Health Cards allow you to get a subsidy when you visit your GP and to get subsidised free prescriptions. 

Cremation and funeral costs vary depending on funeral directors used and the type of funeral that is planned.  The average cost as at June 2020 is likely to be in excess £4000.

The Capacity Law assumes that those over the age of 16 have the capacity to make decisions. If they do not, then others may be assigned to make decisions, including medical ones, in their place. 

An advance decision to refuse treatment allows those over 16 years to record treatments they would not wish to have in the future. 

Life insurance can be taken out at any age, but you may consider it more carefully if you have recently got married or had children etc. This should protect them financially if you were to pass away. 

If you can afford it, a cover for life policy is beneficial as it will cover the costs of most medical costs your pet may incur in its lifetime. 

Yes. Critical illness insurance cover will pay out a tax-free, one-off payment. This pay-out should help cover any costs associated with the illness. 

Reach out to an advisor if you are concerned about making the correct financial decisions. Advisors can help prioritise financial goals and show clients the bigger picture. 

The Channel Islands Financial Ombudsman (CIFO) deal with escalated complaints between clients and businesses in areas such as banking, lending, money services and insurance. 

A credit score is a numeric rating used to assess borrower risk when making money lending decisions.

Investing means putting your money into a venture, such as a company or property, so that your money can make more money.

A budget is a basic understanding of how much money you’re spending versus your earnings. It is important to track your spending to ensure you do not overspend and have savings for any potential emergencies.

Experts have suggested that you should save about 10% of your income for emergencies or future investments. However, regardless of how much money it is possible to save based on your income, it is important to maintain a good understanding of your spending.

It is a unique identifier used by some mobile network operators to facilitate mobile number portability. This allows users to retain their mobile telephone number when switching operators.

Data roaming is when you are using data on a mobile network abroad. This could incur unexpected charges. 

The telecoms companies available to Islanders are Jersey Telecoms (JT), Airtel-Vodafone and Sure. 

One of the main ways to reduce billing could be by switching to a more suitable mobile package/plan. You may be paying for extra data or minutes that you do not need. 

Everyone! No age group are safe from scams. While statistics suggest older people are generally targeted more, younger people are increasingly victims of digital and phishing scams.

Never give out personal information or bank details to someone over the phone, even if they claim to be your bank. Always call the number on the back of your card directly to confirm legitimacy. 

Scams are not always for monetary benefit. Some fraudsters target people for their personal information and may even commit identity fraud. 

Letters claiming you’ve won the lottery or asking for money or private information are usually scams. Never communicate with the sender and give the letter in to PO Box 500 (Jersey Post) or the Police. 

Contact the States of Jersey Police on 612612, visit the Police headquarters or email scams500@police.je. Any scam mail can be sent to PO Box 500. 

One of the primary benefits of travel insurance is having emergency medical cover abroad. However, factors such as the length of the trip and the country may factor into the decision to take out insurance. 

If a flight is cancelled, under EU law you are entitled to either a full refund of the airline ticket or to re-book on another flight, with the airline covering additional costs. 

Online sites can help you compare the prices of various holiday packages and hotels. Shop around to  find the best deals and be aware of any potential scams.

One of the key steps when hiring a car is double checking for any damage before you drive away. Ensure the paperwork is correct and get staff to sign off if you spot any extra damage. 

Research has suggested that the selling of fraudulent airline tickets is one of the most popular scams. Ensure you are buying your tickets from an official airline company website.