10th July 2023

EasyJet to cancel 1,700 flights this summer


Easyjet has confirmed its cancelled 1,700 flights during July, August and September, affecting passengers travelling to and from Gatwick Airport.

BBC News is reporting that EasyJet has blamed constrained airspace over Europe and ongoing air traffic control difficulties, which are causing regular cancellations.

The company said 95% of affected passengers had been rebooked onto alternative flights. Easyjet announced the decision as schools prepare to break-up for the summer holidays.

July is scheduled to record the highest number of UK flight departures since October 2019, before the Covid pandemic, according to aviation analytics firm Cirium.

It said the number of flights departing the UK would be 11% higher than July last year.

EasyJet said its cancellations roughly represent the equivalent of one day's worth of flights. It will still operate about 90,000 journeys over the period.

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