20th December 2023

Your Christmas shopping rights

Consumer Tips

Christmas can be the most wonderful time of year for some of us, but present buying isn’t always so merry and bright. Your husband’s shirt is too tight, the children’s Xbox doesn’t do what it should, and your gift card doesn’t have an expiry date.

Knowing your consumer rights could protect you from any problems over the festive season.


Proof of purchases

Hang on to your receipts, including till receipts, email receipts, gift receipts, gift cards, bank and credit card statements and cheque book stubs – of which can be used for proof of purchase.

Some retailers are preferring to give an email rather than a paper receipt. You may not want to give your email address out, or perhaps you don’t have one. Don’t be afraid to ask for a paper receipt. Most retailers have the policy that they will provide a paper receipt if asked.  

The Jersey Consumer Council have contacted both New Look and Dunelm who now prefer to issue email receipts. Both shops have confirmed that they will happily give a paper receipt if the customer asks for one.


Gift cards

When purchasing a gift card make sure that the retailer includes any important terms and conditions at the point of purchase. Always read the fine print.

Gift card expiry dates can vary enormously. Make sure at purchase that your card has an expiration date that gives plenty of time to spend it.


Product Safety

Be safe this Christmas. Follow the instructions and appropriate warnings. Make sure that products display a CE mark, proof that the product has passed EU safety regulations, or the UKCA mark, which is the UK equivalent.

All toys, including ‘free’ toys that come with magazines or food purchases, must display the CE mark. Even if a product is marked ‘this is not a toy’ it may still have to satisfy safety tests if it is ‘child appealing’.


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