17th July 2023

Striking at Gatwick Airport. Make sure you’re covered for every possibility…

Consumer Tips

The Unite union has said that nearly a thousand airport workers will take strike action at Gatwick Airport this summer.

The BBC reports that the strike action will disrupt travel from Friday 28 July to Tuesday 1 August, and then again from Friday August to Tuesday 8 August.

Airlines that will be affected include, British Airways, Easy Jet, Ryanair, Tui, and Wizz.

It’s sometimes difficult to think about the worst-case scenarios before we go away, but we strongly advise that you always have travel insurance – especially with so much talk of travel disruption this summer. There’s a whole host of reasons why you need to make sure you’re covered every time you leave the Island, no matter the length of your trip – from unexpected medical expenses to last minute cancellations.

Here's our Travel Insurance Checklist to help ensure you have the best travel over:

  • The distinction between European and worldwide cover might seem simple, but some travel insurers have different ways of classifying your journey. Check what counts as Europe and what counts as Worldwide when booking your insurance, and make sure that you’re definitely covered for all the places you’re visiting.
  • If you need cover for risky activities, such as skiing, then you must declare this, or you won’t be covered.
  • You may be better buying an annual policy rather than single trip cover, depending on the nature of your trip – especially if there’s a chance you may travel again at some point in the next 12 months. Single-trip cover insures you for one specific journey, whereas annual policies (sometimes referred to as 'multi-trip' policies) provide you with ongoing cover throughout the year, though they usually have limitations on the number of days travel they'll cover. Generally speaking, annual policies tend to be more expensive than single-trip policies, but they become more cost-effective the more you travel.
  • Travelling with your partner or your family? You have the option of covering everyone under the same policy, which might work out cheaper. However, if one of the travellers in your party needs specialist cover due to their age or medical conditions, it may increase the cost of the policy.
  • A good travel insurance policy should provide cover for illness, injury or death and repatriation. Check that the policy covers all the following:
    • Liability for accidents involving others
    • The airline going out of business
    • Natural disasters or natural events such as volcanic ash clouds or severe weather
    • Political instability
    • Security risks

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