5th October 2023

Which motor insurance providers currently provide cover in Jersey?

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You may have heard that certain insurance providers are pulling out of the Channel Islands due to a change of the law in Gibraltar.

This law change has indeed reduced the number of motor insurers who will provide cover in Jersey.

We've done some research and have compiled a list of those insurers still offering business to the Channel Islands.

This is the list of insurers (accurate as of September 2023): 

  1. Accredited Insurance (Europe) Limited
  2. Ageas Insurance Limited
  3. Aioi Nissay Dowa Insurance UK Limited
  4. Aioi Nissay Dowa Insurance Company of Europe Limited
  5. Allianz Global Corporate & Speciality SE
  6. Allianz Insurance Plc
  7. American International Group UK Limited (AIG UK Limited)
  8. Assurant General Insurance Limited
  9. Aviva Insurance Limited
  10. AXA Insurance UK Plc
  11. AXA XL Insurance Company UK Limited
  12. CHUBB European Group Limited
  13. Churchill Insurance Company Limited
  14. Covea Insurance Plc
  15. Ecclesiastical Insurance Office Plc
  16. Great Lakes Insurance SE
  17. Great Lakes Insurance UK Ltd
  18. Gresham Insurance Company Limited
  19. HCC International Insurance Company Plc
  20. Highway Insurance Company Limited
  21. Hiscox Insurance Company Limited
  22. Insurance Corporation of the Channel Islands Limited
  23. Liverpool Victoria Insurance Company Limited
  24. MS Amlin Insurance SE
  25. National Farmers Union Mutual Insurance Society Limited
  26. QBE Europe SA/NV
  27. QBE UK Limited
  28. RAC Insurance Limited
  29. Royal & Sun Alliance Insurance Plc
  30. The Prudential Assurance Company Limited
  31. Tradex Insurance Company Ltd
  32. Travelers Insurance Company Limited
  33. Travelers Insurance Designated Activity Company
  34. UK Insurance Limited
  35. White Horse Insurance Ireland Designated Activity Company
  36. XL Insurance Company SE
  37. Zurich Insurance Company Ltd

When looking for insurance, always remember to compare prices to get the best deal for you. Your insurance broker – such as Rossborough, Islands Insurance, Jersey Mutual, or Channel Insurance Brokers – might be able to help you with this.