29th June 2023

Jersey Electricity announces 12% price increase from next year

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Energy & Fuel

Jersey Electricity has announced that it will be increasing its prices by 12% from the start of next year.

It means that, from 1 January 2024, the cost of an average domestic annual electricity bill of around £1,200 will go up by £3 per week.

Jersey Electricity said that they are announcing the increase early to give customers more certainty of what they can expect from their electricity bills in the near-term, and that they will be freezing their current prices until next year.

They said that the rise is in line with the recently announced All Items Jersey Retail Prices Index (RPI) of 12.7% and will enable them to keep pace with rising costs due to the volatility of international energy prices.

In the meantime, consumers are reminded that Jersey Electricity’s My JE app allows you to understand better how your electricity is being consumed, and where you may be able to make some savings. It’s also a useful tool for keeping on top of your bills.