5th March 2021

Is your Condor Ferries travel voucher due to expire?


With the news that Condor may be able to restart their fast ferry service from the end of May, now’s the time to dig out those Covid travel vouchers.

A Condor spokesperson told us that ‘provided travel and quarantine restrictions in the Islands are eased, we can look forward to the summer season with some level of optimism.’

As the pandemic starting affecting our travel plans in March last year and ferry sailings had to be cancelled, many customers were given travel vouchers. The original validity date for those issued in March 2020 was 12 months, which means they are due to expire this month. However, Condor has agreed to replace them with ones that have an 18 months expiry date.

So, if you were unable to redeem your original voucher you will be reissued with a new one with a further year and a half validity.

To find out more or request a new voucher, please contact customer.relations@condorferries.co.uk rather than the usual contact centre.