7th November 2023

Insurance tips following Storm Ciarán

At Home

We’re getting lots of questions about insurance claims after Storm Ciarán.

So, here are some tips you may find useful, both for now and for future considerations about what kind of insurance cover you might need, as well as advice if your insurer isn’t paying out.


To successfully claim for damage to your vehicle from a storm, you need to have a fully comprehensive insurance policy. This should also entitle you to a loan car during the repairs.

Unfortunately, third party cover only covers damage your car makes to others.


Buildings Insurance will cover storm damage to your home. It should also cover any permanent fixtures and fittings, such as kitchens, doors, windows etc.  They should also cover accommodation costs during home repairs.

Most policies exclude fences, sheds, and outhouses.

Home contents:

Contents insurance (not buildings insurance) covers all the moveable items in your home, such as furniture, electronic items, clothes and jewellery. There is usually a cap on single item values and large excesses.

It will also cover emergency purchases, such as clothes.

Carpets and flooring can be covered in either buildings or contents insurance, so you'll need to check your policies.

Insurance complaint:

If your insurer isn’t paying out and you think you have a strong case, ask for their complaints policy and follow their appeals process.

If it's still no good, advise them that you’re taking the matter to the relevant ombudsman, which will vary depending on where your insurer is based. As most insurance companies are based in the UK, most will be regulated by the UK Financial Ombudsman.

However, some will be regulated by the Channel Islands Financial Ombudsman Service.

Your insurer will be able to tell you who your ombudsman authority is, so you know who to appeal to. 


If you’re in rental accommodation your landlord should be covered under their buildings insurance policy to cover the cost of temporary accommodation. You should not have to bear the cost. However, you will need contents insurance to claim for any of your personal belongings.

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And finally, if you're in any doubt or having problems with your insurer, please contact the Jersey Consumer Council who will happily advise you on the best course of action.

Email us on contact@consumercouncil.je or call 611161.