5th December 2023

Increased freight costs proposed for 2024 - what does this mean for the consumer?

Living Costs

Condor Ferries are proposing a 19% hike in their freight costs next year.

We’re worried that this increase could be a major blow for consumers, with retailers likely to be forced to pass on these costs to Islanders.

Our Chairman, Carl Walker, predicts said: “Ultimately, any increase in freight costs will always filter down, so this increase in freight costs is likely to be a major blow for Islanders, with retailers likely to be forced to pass these costs on to consumers by raising their prices even more.”

Condor are being asked to justify their price rises by the Government and the Jersey Consumer Council support this enquiry.

We’ll keep a close eye on this situation and will continue to check retail prices. We continue to encourage Islanders to shop around to get the best prices and to vote with their feet if they feel that prices in certain stores are getting too high.