18th February 2022

Funeral costs comparison

Living Costs

The loss of a loved one is extremely hard, both emotionally and practically, so the more that can be planned beforehand, the easier on those we leave behind.

Death and funerals are often topics that people feel uncomfortable thinking about or discussing. Yet, they are two of the most important matters in our lives, and it is good to be prepared for when that sad time comes. Any age is good to have those discussions with your loved ones, although the older we get the more morbid it might feel.

The cost of a funeral is an essential part to be aware of, as families are often left with unexpected costs when a financial provision has not been made to cover them. The Council last published prices in February 2017, so recently contacted three local Funeral Directors to update the information – De Gruchys (Co-Op), Maillards (independent) and Pitcher & Le Quesne (Dignity).

SunLife have been publishing their ‘Cost of Dying Report’ since 2004, and this year’s survey showed a slight reduction in the UK. It highlighted that although 66% of people put money aside for their funeral, over a third did not make sufficient provision to cover the full cost. The full report contains a lot more detail.

Funeral Director Services

Although price is a key factor, each Funeral Director is well established with staff who are experienced in comforting and offering both support and guidance to grieving families. It’s important to feel comfortable and build a relationship with the Funeral Director, so we recommend that you visit each of them before deciding who to choose. The Superintendent of the Crematorium is also happy to receive calls and answer any questions.

Breakdown of Costs

Service/Product De Gruchy’s
Pitcher &
Le Quesne

Professional Fees £1,250 £1,335 £0
Funeral Director fee above professional fees £0 £0 £1,590
Care of deceased (bringing into care and treatment 24/7) £490 £380 £295
Provision of hearse, driver and bearers £750 £716 £600
Provision of one limousine £200 £194 £195
Attendance of Funeral Director at burial of ashes £75 £90 £0
Total cost of above £2,765
(£2,165 in 2017)
(£2,256 in 2017)
(£3,863 in 2017)
Direct/’no frills’ cremation * £1,795.35 £2,040.35 £1,700
Embalming (if requested) £185 £200 £155
Coffin – cheapest wood effect £595 £650 £495
Coffin – cheapest eco-friendly coffin (rattan, sea-grass or wicker) £785 £750 £845
Ashes urn – cheapest hardwood £120 £120 £115
Prices correct as at 14 February 2022

* May include different services and products. The price provided by Maillard’s does not include the Crematorium fee.

Additional costs to the services provided by the Funeral Directors are:

  • death certificate (currently £30)
  • minister/pastor or celebrant fee
  • church fees
  • Crematorium fee (currently £760.65)
  • doctor’s signature for crematorium form
  • grave purchase
  • internment fees (no interment fee of ashes at the crematorium if cremated in Jersey, otherwise it is £50)
  • Book of Remembrance entry at the Crematorium (currently £42-£150 depending on wishes)

Optional costs such as flowers, an organist or musician/singer should be accounted for too.

To make the process easier for bereaved families, much of the organisation can be arranged and paid for by the Funeral Directors, who include them in the final invoice. The companies sometimes work with each other when the need arises, to ensure the experience is as painless as possible.
They are willing to work with families to find the best option that will suit their needs and budget, and if requested will provide an estimate of costs before you agree to go ahead. Should you be eligible, they can advise on the Government’s Death Grant payment, which is currently £929.88.

Guernsey Funeral Directors

We also contacted the five Funeral Directors in Guernsey to get a comparison, four of which are independent. Two were willing to provide a price breakdown with an average cost of £2283.50.