24th November 2022

Did you know you can apply for help to cover the cost of GST on food?

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Jersey's government has received almost 4,000 submissions for the Community Cost Bonus this year.

The annual payment is available to help Islanders who are struggling with increasing food costs.

It used to be called the Food Cost Bonus and supports families who are just above the Income Support level, by covering the cost of GST on food.

To date, 3,850 applications have been made for the 2022 payment, which has doubled this year from £258.25 to £516.50.

The payment is available to households in which at least one person has lived in Jersey for the past five years, where no one is receiving income support, and if the household has a combined tax liability of less than £2,735.00 for 2021.

On Thursday (24 November) a proposal to remove GST on food altogether was rejected by the States Assembly, by 27 votes to 17.

You can apply for the bonus by visiting the gov.je/CCB website or by calling Customer and Local Services on 444444.