20th December 2023

Christmas shopping tips

Consumer Tips

Here are our top tips for consumers this Christmas:

  • Plan early – organisation is key.
  • Don’t forget your everyday bills – they still need to be paid.
  • Shop around to get the cheapest prices.
  • Be careful with your credit card – clear the balance straight away.
  • Don’t reply on your overdraft – it always has to be paid back.
  • Don’t borrow from unauthorised lenders.
  • Always buy from a reputable company and do your research. Don’t be tempted to buy something just because it’s advertised with a big discount. You might find a better deal elsewhere. Check and track prices using sites such as camelcamelcamel.com who monitor Amazon prices throughout the year.
  • Sign up to your favourite store newsletter or follow them on social media for the latest deals.
  • Get a store loyalty card to receive loyalty points or special offers.
  • Look out for two-for-one offers – get two presents for the price of one.
  • Look out for scams - if it’s too good to be true it usually is.