30th April 2024

Car park charges to rise by 7%

Living Costs

The cost of parking in public car parks will be increasing by around seven percent this week.

From Wednesday, 1 May the cost of a single unit paycard will increase from its current price of 97p to a new price of £1.04, while a two unit will rise from £1.94 to £2.08, and a four unit from £3.88 to £4.16 from 1 May.

Monthly season tickets will rise from £156.66 to £167.96, and a monthly half permit from £78.33 to £83.98.

New prices for an eco one unit paycard will cost 52p, a two unit £1.04, and a four unit £2.08.

A monthly eco season ticket will cost £83.98 and a half permit £41.99.

The Minister for Infrastructure, Constable Andy Jehan, has also confirmed that charges will apply at the new Charles Street Car Park each day (i​ncluding Sundays) between 8am and 10pm. He said that this was a trial to help ensure the car park has capacity for the general public, for Islanders needing spaces and supporting businesses in town, and that these charging hours will be reviewed later this year.

The income the Government receives from car parks is used to fund their repair and maintenance and will support road safety initiatives.



(including GST)

From 1 May 2024

(including GST)

% Increase
1 Unit Paycard £0.97 £1.04 7.22%
2 Unit Paycard £1.94 £2.08 7.22%
4 Unit Paycard £3.88 £4.16 7.22%
Monthly Season Ticket £156.66 £167.96 7.21%
Monthly Half Permit £78.33 £83.98 7.21%
Eco 1 Unit Paycard £0.49 £0.52 6.12%
Eco 2 Unit Paycard £0.98 £1.04 6.12%
Eco 4 Unit Paycard £1.96 £2.08 6.12%
Eco Monthly Season Ticket £78.33 £83.98 7.21%
Eco Monthly Half Permit £39.17 £41.99 7.21%