5th February 2024

Another price increase is on the way...

At Home
Living Costs

If you’re a JT customer, your bills will be going up from 27 March. 

The telecommunications company have announced that they’ll be increasing their prices by 7.5%, in line with the latest Retail Price Index.  

This comes on the back of other household price increases, from Island Energy, Jersey Water and the Jersey Electricity Company, and will no doubt be worrying for some consumers. 

If you’re concerned about your JT bills, you can contact them on 882882 and see whether a different contract might save you some money. 

To see how the increases will affect various plans and services, check out their prices here:  JT RPI Price Increases - JT Global 

As always, our advice would be to always shop around for the best prices and to check whether you're definitely on the best contract for your needs.