25th September 2023

A review of GP fees

Living Costs

Over the summer, we carried out a review of GP fees.

We were prompted to do this as many of you had got in touch about a sudden increase in costs for seeing a doctor – more than £10 in some instances – just before the Government announced their £20 subsidy for standard appointments and free appointments for children.

We've published our findings in our latest newsletter, which is currently being distributed to all homes in Jersey, or can be read online here: Newsletters (consumercouncil.je)

As you'll see from our price table, the price range between the cheapest surgery and the most expensive is still significant – nearly £20 in some instances. Furthermore, and perhaps more worryingly, is that not all surgeries seem to have passed on the £20 saving they have been contracted to do.

We'll be keeping a regular eye on the cost of healthcare prices and letting you know of our findings.

Find out more in our latest newsletter: Newsletters (consumercouncil.je)